It’s National Tutoring Week – How Can You Celebrate Tutors?

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It’s National Tutoring Week - How Can You Celebrate Tutors?

Did geometry give you nightmares? During National Tutoring Week, thank a tutor who helped you pass!

During the first full week of October, National Tutoring Week is observed. Since being initiated by the National Tutoring Association more than ten years ago, National Tutoring Week has become a time of celebration at educational institutions everywhere across the country – whether those are colleges, schools, or tutoring centers. How can you celebrate the tutors that have made an impact in your life? Let’s find out.

Celebrating Tutors During National Tutoring Week

Depending on the institution where you are located, you might have different ways of showing appreciation for your tutors and other educators. Nevertheless, here are some ideas for doing so:

  • Hold a ceremony to officially recognize them and express your gratitude for all that they do.
  • Have administrators drop into the tutoring center.
  • Contact local and state authorities and inquire about declaring official tutor appreciation days.
  • Put up some fun decorations around the tutoring center – these can be flowers, balloons, or pictures of the tutors helping the students that come to them.

Other Reasons Tutors Are Amazing

Now that we’ve looked at some ways to express our appreciation for the incredible tutors that do some spectacular work, what are some other reasons that the tutors in our lives are so amazing?

They Help You Pass Classes: What inspired you to see a tutor in the first place? Were you struggling with a particular class? If a tutor has ever helped you succeed in a challenging course, it’s another reason to thank them.

They Help You Understand Tricky Ideas: Did you have trouble with reading or math? Did geometry give you nightmares? Or the thought of giving a book report? Tutors helped you overcome these challenges.

They Help Making Learning More Fun: Sure, school isn’t always fun, but that doesn’t mean that learning shouldn’t be as well! The right teacher or tutor can be the inspiration to light up your imagination and make learning more engaging.

They Help You Find What You’re Passionate About: Lastly, the best tutors can help you discover what it is that gets you fired up and passionate. That passion can translate into what you study in college, which in turn could help land your dream job!

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